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In an earlier post, I welcomed everyone to the first day of spring. Clearly, the weather did not choose to cooperate with this fact, as Kansas just got shit on with about 8″ of snow. It makes it fairly difficult to go outside and enjoy spring when it is, in fact, still winter outside.

Well, screw the weather.

This brand new song puts me in the spring state of mind regardless of how dreary it may be outside. Brighten up your day (or maintain its brightness if you’re fortunate enough to live ANYWHERE other than Kansas) with the dreamy, relaxed acoustic sounds of Lazy Eyes by The Juveniles.

The Juveniles are a young quartet from Liverpool that are anxiously awaiting their big break. Currently unsigned, The Juveniles have been playing local gigs and preparing various EP’s and demos to be released on their website.

The band’s inspiration comes from the environment of their upbringing. According to the band: “We grew up in estates where the dogs roamed the streets without collars and are shouted in before dark like a pre-pubescent schoolchildren. Where kids climb trees, throw stones at passing cars, get chased by the police, and drive stolen cars through the night out of sheer boredom, lacking respect for anyone or anthing. All because they have never been shown any. Areas where dad’s go the pub after tea and come back some time after last orders just to get away from the kids, the wife. Get away from their lives.”

You can expect a lot of their work to reflect these experiences and the thoughts they’ve inspired. Perhaps we will be able to peer into the lives of those growing up in the riff-raff of Liverpool through their future work. Perhaps perhaps.

Check out The Juveniles and enjoy a song that showcases the crazy potential of this squad in Lazy Eyes. Help these guys get noticed so that they can produce a full studio album, and Get Your Earz Wet!

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