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TRAILS & WAYS Trilingual

It’s that time of year…the trees have greened up, and the baby dolls are out to play for the summer. Turn up your boom box, grab a cold on, because it’s summer time, and that means time for a new track from TRAILS & WAYS. We’re going PRETAAAAAY tribal with this one here called Como Te Vas…and it’s genre is described to be “spanish pop”, which is precisely what I would call it.

As I was listening, Como Te Vas, sounded familiar to me for some reason. Yes it sounds like some of other TRAILS and WAYS stuff, but it kept standing out in my mind still. Then it hit me. I got to see TRAILS and WAYS when they were in LA, and they played this very song at their LIVE performance. It’s a pretty tough one to mix up, being that all of the words are in Spanish.

Como Te Vas is translated differently…”How are you going”…”How are you going to leave”…probably what makes most sense though is “As you go”. Oh, and BTW. By The Way. TRAILS and WAYS is the in concert. I gave them a couple of front row “Owe Owes”, and they were loving it. For those of you who don’t know who TRAILS and WAYS is, this is totally their sound, and they’re staying true to “them”. They’re an alternative/indie band out of Oakland California. Go Raiders.

Como Te Vas is the Lead single for the bands new EP, “Trilingual”, out 6/11/13 on Non·Market Records. Let’s count down the day to Trilingual yes? 1…2….3….4. BOOM. Get it. The same night, June 11th, they’re playing in Salt Lake City, so all you mormons make sure to go out and catch it. Have a few drinks first, you know the drill for a concert. Get Your Ears WEt!

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