Stream: Viceroy – While We’re in Love (Feat. Ghost Beach) Fare Soldi Remix

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Unwrap this little present that Fare Soldi has given to us this holiday season, they’ve even included the receipt, how thoughtful. Ok, no receipt, but there is a FREE DOWNLOAD, so it’s like the same thing. Viceroy has been talking about releasing a few new remixes of his tracks, and like for Santa, I’ve been waiting ever so patiently for the shit he has “promised” me. This one called While We’re In Love features fellow remix artist Ghost Beach, and this specific remix is by Fare Soldi. Now I’ll pose a possible situation you may find yourself in. Christmas is fast approaching and nothing makes you happier than hearing Holiday jams, or just jams that get you jacked up for the holidays. It’s the 22nd of December and you just so happen to be in Madrid, Spain….well aren’t you a lucky duck…Fare Soldi is performing and you just so happen to already be a fan, because of this bad-arse remix. Merry Christmas muther fugger and Happy FREE DOWNLOAD. Get Your Earz Wet!

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