Stream: We Were Evergreen – Leeway

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So I’ve been on a little bit of a European indie kick lately (1 2 3 4), and it continues on today.

I present to you: Leeway by We Were Evergreen. Leeway opens with a rhythmic “ba-dum” that is quickly joined by a bass line, drums, a shaker, and vocals to create a perfect harmony of loops with gliding vocals over the top. This song has the rare ability to instantly produce a feeling when listening to it. Though, rather than just a feeling, it reminds me of a specific person that I know.

Imagine the person in your life that you’ve deemed “the nicest person I’ve ever met.” The kind, gentle, happy-go-lucky individual that sees the bright side in everything, and always seems to cheer you up. This is their song. If they had the option to loop this song in the background everytime they entered a room, they probably would.


The Paris-native trio of Michael Liot, Fabienne Débarre, and William Serfass have produced a tune that can brighten up the gloomiest of days (cough Kansas weather cough). Perfect music for this time of year. It’s interesting to note the transition that this song makes from its folky beginning to its more electronic ending, highlighting the band’s versatility as musicians. Each of the three play a myriad of instruments which are looped on tracks, creating complex masterpieces behind smooth vocal harmonies.

We Were Evergreen is preparing to tour the UK with King Charles, an independent singer-songwriter from West London, starting in April.

Keep listening and checking back for the inevitable perpetuation of my British/European indie streak. Who knows how long it will continue, but we must enjoy it while it lasts. Stream We Were Evergreen‘s Leeway today and be on the look out for an eventual album by this indie pop electronic Parisian trio on the rise. Get Your Earz Wet!

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