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Wingandhollow puts a unique twist on the typical performing duo. Not only are the two collaborating artists with harmoniously complementary talents — they are also husband and wife. After meeting amidst the L.A. nightlife, the two hit it off. Both discovered the other to be a hopeful musician, each with an analogous taste in music.

The connection was formed that night between Haven and Jill Lamoureux. Over 6 years of marriage and 3 years of collective performance, the duo that comprises Wingandhollow has strengthened their bond — translating into their music. Listen to a few of their songs and the love and deep connection in their relationship becomes apparent. The two reach such perfect harmony in their songs — it is astounding. Husband and wife are said to develop such a mental connection that they often finish each other’s sentences. Wingandhollow has developed this ability within their music.

Highway is the perfect example. Haven, equipped with his acoustic six-string, creates a travelling melody to be accompanied by Jill’s beautifully mysterious vocals. Her voice reminds me a lot of Lana Del Rey.

Wingandhollow, though only performing for a few years, have already put out three EP’s. Frozen Trees and North of Nowhere have both impressed me, and now the band has recently released Signal Fire at the tail end of this past April.

If Highway tickles your fancy, be sure to check out the band’s SoundCloud and Facebook pages to hear more of their tunes, as well as their official website to stay up to date on all Wing and Hollow happenings. I know that I’ll be keeping a close eye on new releases and upcoming gigs — to witness both their awesome music and even more awesome story. Stream Highway by Wingandhollow, appreciate what they’re doing, and Get Your Earz Wet!

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