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hebronix Viral

Hebronix has shared another track titled “Viral” which will be on their debut LP Unreal. The former frontman of Yuck, Daniel Blumberg started Hebronix just 10 days after breaking up with his old band. It is sad to see that happen to a band as great as Yuck after their amazing self-titled debut in 2011. This is the second track that Hebronix has released, the first one being “Unreal“, which serves as both the song title and a review of the track. That along with “Viral” and the fact that Yuck will keep forging ahead makes the news easier to swallow.

Daniel Blumberg seems to operate as a slower tempo in Hebronix. Dizzying layered guitars create an atmosphere that is palatable. The track has a dreamy trance feel to it. Daniel’s soft vocals melt over the rest of the track. This song would fit in well in a melancholy scene in a coming-of-age movie. “Viral” seems to acknowledge how big and scary the world can seem at times, while remaining hopeful at the same time.

The video, directed by Michael Reich, stars Stacy MartinĀ and Sonja Kinski. It’s a pretty artsy watch, but remains interesting the whole time, as well as fitting the feeling of the music pretty darn well.

Watch the video below, or stream the song below, the choice is yours.


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