Styles of Beyond ft. Michael Buble – Damn

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Here’s a sweet little colab between Los Angeles based hip-hop group Styles of Beyond and Frank Sinatra reincarnate Michael Buble, in a track entitled…Damn. Damn it’s good. The group Styles of Beyond, consists of MCs Ryan Patrick Maginn (Ryu), Takbir Bashir (Tak), Colton Raisin Fisher (DJ Cheapshot), and producer Jason Rabinowitz (Vin Skully). This track Damn, featuring Grammy Winning recording artist Michael Buble, was set to be released on Style’s newest EP called “Reseda Beach”, which wasn’t suppose to be released until 10-23-2012 via Dirty Version Records. Apparently there is a Non-Buble version on the actual debut album, but who the hell wants this song without Buble? Get it here first before the official album drops. It isn’t suppose to be available for download until October either, but in true Eargazm fashion, we’ve gone ahead and found one for you. Enjoy and Get Your Earz Wet! FREE DOWNLOAD!

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