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LL Kickstarter

A good friend of The Eargazm, Sean Steppe, started an audio electronics company called Lucid Laboratories. Through an incredible amount of hard work and dedication, they have grown from their very first product, the LL Lighting Interface, to their newest endeavor the LL Phono Pre Amplifier. This Phono Pre Amp is a must have for true music enthusiasts. If you care about audio quality and love vinyl, which most of you do, head on over to their Kickstarter page and grab one of their new pre amps. You won’t regret it!

Here is some more information from the man himself:

We created Lucid Laboratories in Lawrence, KS two years ago in order to create the worlds best audio equipment. We are vinyl junkies, anything from Daft Punk to BB King. Our love of vinyl led us to engineer and design the Catalyst phono pre amp. We wanted a product that was available to college students and young professionals which created a few challenges for us. Mainly, how do you create an amazing sounding pre amp and keep it affordable with out sacrificing on quality. Lets just say we worked our magic and really out did ourselves this time.

LL Kickstarter 2So what exactly is a phono pre amplifier you ask?

The output level from standard phono cartridges is significantly lower than line-level. The result if you plug a turntable directly into a line-level input will be extremely low volume, tinny sounding audio. Years ago the recording industry decided on a standard equalization resulting in decreased record groove widths allowing for longer play times and reduced groove damage. A phono preamplifier amplifies the cartridge signal back to line level while applying an RIAA equalizer curve to make sure that bass treble and mid-range are all amplified the appropriate amount.

LL Kickstarter3We have added the option to build your own phono pre amp as well. If you already build electronics or want to learn how this is a great way to buy a kit and get started. Most DIY kits have you build blinking lights and other things that will be used once and forgotten. Why not build yourself an amplifier that will actually make your music sound better, something you’ll want to show off to your friends.

Website: Lucid Laboratories

Product: Phono Pre Amplifier

Kickstarter: Lucid Laboratories Kickstarter

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