The Balconies – Kill Count

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New Rock is the new Genre that the Kids are listening to up in Canada, and you can drink at the age of eighteen in Canada, so I trust their opinions. This band is called The Balconies and they hail from Ottawa, Canada. They approach a new genre so well by the fusion of New Rock and Pop Synth. They are going to appearing in the Culture’s Collide Festival happening in Los Angeles Oct. 4th-7th, if you’re trying to catch them LIVE. The results are in and the people have spoken, “Whoa, check out the vocal pipes on that one!”, “I can’t stop dancing!”, “Those bass lines are so bold!” “I heard they were created in a lab!”, “I want to live on those eyelashes!” These are just a few comments made by fans who have seen these guys in concert. This track is called Kill Count. It’s truly something new to the eyes and earz. Get this FREE DOWNLOAD & Get Your Earz Wet!!!!!!!

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