Welcome to The Eargazm! I think you are going to like what you experience. Before our existence, I found myself constantly complaining about the quality of mainstream “radio” music. I made it my concentrated effort to find more quality music and not settle for what corporate stations tell us is popular. It’s mind numbing and it’s not really our own opinion. To form a quality opinion and really be an expert, one must expose them self to everything their subject has to offer. This became my mentality. Finding new music and up coming artists became a bit of an obsession. Feedback from the people around me was outstanding. There is nothing like exposing someone to a great song for the first time. The initial look of acceptance and final look of complete satisfaction, is priceless. I later came up with the perfect name for that emotion “The Eargazm”. A great song can change someone’s day entirely. ┬áIt can even represent a time period of a persons life. You know when you listen to a song that you used to love and it takes you back to a certain moment or time? That’s the essence of The Eargazm. I wanted to be the person that made these moments possible. After a lot of hard work, over coming several obstacles and bringing together the most talented, informed and entertaining writers in the game, we present to you The Eargazm!

Bentley E. DeVilling

Founder & Editor-in-Chief