The Royal Concept – Stand Twice (Adventure Of Remix)

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Big fans of The Royal Concepts here at the GAZM. What we have for you here, is a little revamped version of The Royal Concept’s track entitled ‘Gimme Twice’, by Adventure Of. Except this time it’s called ‘Stand Twice’. Who is Adventure Of you ask? I’m glad you asked…Adventure Of are basically a compilation of different Swedish bands that tried and failed over the years. With the newly discovered passion for Samba influenced pop and with the roots from native swedish indie music they decided to walk in the same footsteps as the swedish heroes “The tough alliance“. By joining forces with live musicians from bands as Ioseb and The Superjams they formed a live band and perform all over Sweden. In 2011 they released a number called “Insha’Allah” which springboarded them into being one of the most talked about bands in Sweden. It’s about GOSH DERN time we heard about them here in the states and abroad. This remix has the lovely melody of the all time classic song first performed by Ben E. King, Stand By Me. Add some trumpets, some chromatic voice changes, and you’ve got yourself an epic indie tune under your belt. Get Your Earz WET! FREE DOWNLOAD!

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