TRAILS AND WAYS – Border Crosser (The Seshen Remix)

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Again, our Northern Californian brethren TRAILS AND WAYS, have released a new single from their most recent EP. This track is the Seshen Remix of T&Ws’ Border Crosser. The full EP is set to drop this coming year, 2013. That is IF we make it to this coming year…according to the Mayans, December 21st marks then end to it all. Perhaps we will never hear the full EP set to drop by TRAILS AND WAYS. God forbid. My guess is, much like Magicians, the Mayans are full of shit. You’re not fooling me Chris Angel, I know your tricks. You, with your rock hard abs, flying ass, mascara wearing ass, hocus pocus ass…. And now a word from T&Ws’ concerning the track, “The whole remix EP will be out January 8th. We wanted to curate a remix EP cause we get a lot of inspiration from all the innovation being done by producers right now, and we make our songs in conversation with those ideas. We wanted to give some producers the chance to talk back. Some remixes are from friends in the Bay Area electronic scene. Other remixers approached us unasked. We’re putting out the remixes as part of the buildup to our debut full-length, Trilingual, to be released next year.” Check out this Seshen Remix and Get Your Earz Wet!

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