TRAILS & WAYS – Sure Thing (Miguel Cover)

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TRAILS & WAYS knocks another one out of the park with this T&W’s Rendition of Miguel’s “Sure Thing”. Oooo baby, it’s the sure sure thing. TRAILS & WAYS always has some sort of funny exert on how their songs come about, and I like to share this one with you little boy and girls. TRAILS & WAYS – “Two weeks ago we were talking over some songs to cover but couldn’t agree on one to do. The next day KBB saw a crew of folks ghost-riding the whip down his block in Oakland, blasting “Sure Thing” and singing along perfectly. He took it as an omen. We tried to do justice to Miguel’s masterpiece by drawing on the smoky early 90s jazz guitar, synths and smooth beats we grew up loving. If the original “Sure Thing” was a sunny day in LA, we want ours to be a rainy night in São Paulo.” I’d say they’ve achieved that rainy day in true TRAILS & WAYS fashion. If there is any band that could do a cover of this song, make it their own, and make it sound better than the original its T&W. If you listen closely you will also hear that some of the lyrics have been changed to give the “plot” a marxist romance feel. There’s even a FREE DOWNLOAD! Get Your Earz Wet!!!

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