Watch: 1994 Tupac Shakur Interview Recreated Through Animation

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Blank on Blank is back this week with the latest installment of their animated interview series Famous Names, Lost Interviews. On par with previous episodes, this week’s interview of Tupac Shakur circa ‘94 offers a unique and innovative look into the psyche of hip-hop’s most notorious thug-turned-martyr at the height of his career, two years before his tragic death.

By dusting off a mid-nineties interview for an Entertainment Weekly artist profile featuring Shakur’s gritty narration on life and death, and matching it to an interpretive sketch animation, Blank on Blank has breathed life into a nearly forgotten, emotional account of a hip-hop legend.

The interview begins as Tupac and journalist Benjamin Svetkey sit down for lunch. Pac orders a Vegetable Spring Roll and Dungeness Crab Cakes. The conversation quickly shifts to more concerning topics such as God’s plan for the gangsta rap icon, the influence of his black panther roots on thug life, as well as his unstable relationship with the press and the law in the face of looming sexual assault charges. In a particularly eerie segment, Tupac is asked where he saw himself 10 years in the future.

Best case, Multi-millionaire owning all of this shit, you know what I’m saying? Because anywhere else, if I was white I would have been like John Wayne, you know what I’m saying? Somebody who pulled themselves up by their bootstraps, from poverty, from welfare. Now I’m kissing Janet Jackson, we doing movies. I feel like a tragic hero in a Shakespeare play.

Unfortunately, Pac’s prediction for his “worst case” outcome was also spot on.

The Tupac interview is the 16th episode from the Famous Names, Lost Interviews series, a collection that features other remarkable interviews from the likes of Jim Morrison to Wilt Chamberlain. All current episodes are available to watch at


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