Watch: ALPINE – Gasoline (Official Video)

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Alpine are a six-piece indie-rock band from Melbourne, Australi and Gasoline is one of their newer releases this spring…This is kind of a creepy video in my opinion. Very well done, but creepy. I suppose it’s not that creepy if you like humping and dancing in leotards. That said, the song itself can go ahead and be thrown in the ballots for “Most Summer Sounding Tunes”. This here song is called Gasoline, and you immediately feel the vibe they’re trying to put off, and Gasoline only keeps this fire of a song going.

ALPINE is currently touring the good ole U.SofA. Well, as we speak they are in Australia, but in early June they’ll be playing in San Diego, and then in Los Angeles at the famous El Rey Theatre. They also have a new album coming out later this month. On the 21st of May the release will be held, and the name of the album is “A is for Alpine”. Kept it simple, but classy. I like. I mean really, they’re just telling the truth, because in this instance A IS for ALPINE.

Ok, answer me this. Notice how all of the colors in the video are pastels? What’s the deal with that? One word comes to mind about the makers of this video. Drugs. No one fills a room full of pastel colored people, dancing on top of each other like a kaleidoscope, unless they’ve taken something. That beng said, I love the vision here.

Check out the official video for Gasoline, and be sure to check out APLINE tour dates in a city near you. Their website is certainly worth a visit, they’ve got concert dates, music downloads, a cool blog about the band to read, the works. That is…if you’ve read this far.Get Your Ears Wet!



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