Watch: Boys Noize – What You Want (Official Video)

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Watch- Boys Noize - What You Want (Official Video)

Everybody wants super powers right? Well according to the latest Boys Noize music video, all you have to do is move to the suburbs and join the right church. German electronic DJ Boys Noize delivers with the visuals for his latest single What You Want, and presents an entertaining storyline in which everyone is a super hero, while the last remaining normal human is desperately searching to follow suit. The video follows the journey of a man who moves to a new neighborhood, and to his surprise, all of his neighbors possess super powers. He quickly discovers that the source of these powers derives from the neighborhood super church. Seeing the benefits of spirituality, the man quickly converts, and through a simple ritual, he becomes a born again superhero. I don’t know how the pope is going to take this one, but I can definitely appreciate the narrative of this video, not to mention What You Want brings the synth that will melt your face off. So take a peak at the latest from Boys Noize and Get Your Earz Wet!

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