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French turnable wizards, C2C put soulful Gospel through their slice-em and dice-em test in their track “Happy”. The result is an utterly glorious track that is as dancable as it is soul-nourishing. This track was actually released in December of 2012 but just showed up on Soundcloud today. We love new music here at The Eargazm, but I’m not going to NOT share this track after hearing it for the first time.

Have you ever seen something, maybe a commercial for some new product, and thought to yourself, “Damn! Why has no one thought of that until now?” C2C is responsible for a bruise on my head after I heard “Happy“. I pray to the good Lord almighty, that gospel music makes some sort of glorious comeback through electronic music. Can I get an Amen?

C2C pull of some seriously clever arrangements for this track which feature singer Derek Martin. “This song is not a Gospel Song/This song is not a funk song/This song is not a long song/But, this song is a REAL song” he says in what serves as the songs biggest “drop”. I couldn’t agree more. I feel like I could play this song for my aunt who lives in the country and someone from Odd Future and they’d both dig it. That’s some serious stuff right there.

Check out the track and video below which features an old-timey dance off directed by Wendy Morgan. If you are digging this then you should check out their album Tetra. It’s almost Friday folks!

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