Watch – Father Tiger – First Love (Official Music Video)

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Father Tiger - First Love

You remember summertime…laying by the pool, chasing the ladies… we all had a “First Love” in the summer. Well summer time is now in full swing and so are those summer time music videos…LA based duo Father Tiger have just released a brand new video from one of their tracks off of their Spring Solstice album. Along with the release of this video, they also announced the release of a Summer Solstice album as well, following their Winter & Spring projects.

This Summer Solstice EP marks the 3rd of 4 EP’s in Father Tiger’s “Equinox & Solstice project”. This 6 song Summer Solstice EP consists of ALL COVER SONGS. There are some previously unreleased tracks as well as a brand new duet with Hot As Sun lead vocalist Jamie Jackson.

This video is for their track called First Love, and it depicts the journey of life for two young lovers and the organic attraction/ relationship they built over the years. Who cares what other people think right? When you know you know. The video was directed by Michael Medico, and is available for purchase on iTunes. Just so you know, a portion of this song’s iTunes proceeds will be donated to fight for marriage equality.

I’ve had the opportunity to be apart of some of Father Tiger’s past projects, and if there’s one thing the two of them have it’s a passion for what they do. This passion shines through with every lyric, and depiction of life that they present to their audience. Personal shout out to Greg Delson and John Russell for amazing video for First Love…. I’ve been following their “hussel” for a little over a year now, and their fire is only burning brighter. I don’t see things cooling down anytime soon, so keep that fire hot. Get Your Ears Wet!

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