Watch: Your Friend – Tame One

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It’s always a delight to find emerging talent from my favorite college town Lawrence, Kansas. The Eargazm itself was created there some years back in a shitty apartment on Tennessee St. Lawrence is one of the most underrated music scenes around. Since it’s located in the middle of the map, the best musicians stop on there way from one coast to the next. Though Lawrence is located deep within the conservative territory of Kansas, it lives by it’s own rules. This is a place where creativity is rewarded, laws are more like guidelines and dreams become reality. So when I came across Your Friend’s video for her song Tame One, I stopped everything I was doing, sat down and began to write. Folk singer Taryn Blake Miller AKA Your Friend, is bringing Lawrence into the limelight. This is the kind of music one wouldn’t expect to come from the midwest. Her subtle soprano vocals paired with a melancholy instrumental create something quite beautiful. It’s the kind of song that sets your mind at ease, putting you in a state of complete relaxation. A feeling you thought could only be brought on by that perfect rainy day. Tame One is a definite must listen. Click play and Enjoy The Eargazm..

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