Watch: Toro Y Moi – Say That (Official Video)

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Watch- Toro Y Moi - Say That (Official Video)

It is officially the New Year, and as you are fighting a losing battle to quit smoking heaters enjoy this relaxing synth jam by producer Toro Y Moi for his latest single Say That, it might just keep you fighting the good fight. Toro Y Moi, otherwise known as his (hilarious) offstage name Chazwick Bundick is a relatively new American producer, most commonly associated with the Chillwave genre. Say That is a very smooth track with an ever growing synth beat that progresses into almost a club track near the end.  The music video for this track is interesting to say the least. With some slow creepy zooms, and Toro halfway hiding behind trees in the forest, I wont be surprised if some are turned off by these visuals. But I erge you, similar to the beat of the song, the video progresses well and turns into a fairly entertaining showcase for this awesome synth track. So check it out, you will be chillwavevibing in no time. Get Your Ears Wet

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