Wonda – Can’t Be Love – Remix of xxxy

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Well after listening to this one for thirty seconds, I can definitely tell you what “IT” Can’t Be……Love. Wonda hit us with another one y’all, and why not appreciate a good thing…good tunes…Wonda. Feel me? This is a remix of the xxxy song called Can’t Be Love, and Wonda, wondafully makes it something to talk about with a catchy beat and sick story. There’s something you don’t always see in an artist, truth. Refreshing. I’m glad he chose this xxxy song too, because if were being honest I can’t stand grundge, there, I said it. It’s just really not for me.  Some people aren’t big fans of onions. I in fact, happen to love onions. See how that works? Your not necessarily an onion lover if you love this song though, lets clear that up. I’m just saying, its a preference matter. Nothing to do with whether or not you like to eat onions and listen to this song. Ok, so back to Wonda, heres a little back round for everyone… dude used to be a baseball player. Were talking, Professional y’all…bow down. Joilet, Slammers, look it up. Unfortunately, because of injury, he was unable to continue with his baseball career. My favorite part is…. where one door closes, another opened…and now he’s producing awesome music that people love and want to hear.  Show some love and Get Your Earz Wet! Oh, I almost forgot to mention….There’s a movie snippet from Goodwill Hunting in this number, so for all you Robin Williams and Matt Damon fans…….Wet.

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